LED Optical Wired USB Mouse - 7 Buttons, 7 Colors

LED Optical Wired USB Mouse - 7 Buttons, 7 Colors

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This LED Optical Wired USB Mouse is perfect for gamers, but you can also use it to add pizazz to your home or office while you work. The mouse features a cool design that lights up in a variety of multi-colored combinations. Its single roller allows it to glide across flat surfaces smoothly while the 7 buttons add more functionality than the standard mouse.


  • Video Games
  • Home and Office use
  • Creative Projects

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, making it a versatile accessory for your home or office. Designed for right-handed users.

Type: Wired
Package: No
Hand Orientation: Right
Interface Type: USB
Number of Buttons: 7
Number of Rollers: 1
DPI: 5500
Optical Resolution: 5500

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