Bobbin Cable Wire Organiser

Bobbin Cable Wire Organiser

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Use this Bobbin Cable Wire Organiser to tidy up your computer station at home or at work. It will also come in handy for your home theater system. Wrap these strips around your wires to keep them all in one place. This set comes with six (6) straps in vibrant colors which include:

  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Hot Pink
  • Red

Use as many of the straps as you need to manage your wires. Made of nylon material, these straps will bend to secure just about any thickness that you require. They stay secure with Velcro. Buy more than one set to color coordinate different rooms.

Package: Yes
Material: Nylon
Size: Fixed cable ties 18*2cm
Shape: Taped Ties
Model Number: cable management strap
Wire Organizer color: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Red